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Federal Criminal Charges in Alaksa

Anchorage Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer Serving All Of Alaska

Federal criminal charges are complex and the most diffcult to defend. When people are being prosecuted at the federal level, the government can and will use its all but unlimited resources to prosecute the case. Because of this, it is absolutely critical to defend early and decisively by partnering with the strongest criminal defense lawyer you can find.

Not all criminal defense lawyers practice law in federal court. Attorney Robert M. Herz has years of federal court experience and that experience can be critical. In federal court, the prosecutors tend to be better and the cases tend to be investigated more thoroughly by law enforcement, and the penalties imposed at sentencing are harsher. For the last 18 years, we at the Law Offices of Robert Herz, P.C., have focused almost exclusively on representing clients facing federal criminal charges in Alaska. This experience has given our firm the knowledge necessary to properly investigate and engage in discovery of these immensely complex cases. Additionally, Robert Herz has become familiar with all players in the federal court system — judges, prosecutors, agents and officers.

Armed with this knowledge, experience and expertise, we are fully prepared to aggressively defend against nearly any federal criminal charge, including:

Because of the immensely high stakes in these cases, it is absolutely crucial to protect your rights as soon as possible. One mistake, particularly during early stages of an investigation, can result in a catastrophic outcome. We encourage you to get in touch as soon as possible.

Facing Federal Criminal Charges In Anchorage or anywhere in Alaska? Contact A Federal Criminal Defense Attorney.

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