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Fish & Game Guiding Violations

mooseDefense for Fish and Game Violations

Alaska is a fish and game paradise. Fishing and hunting is not only a way of life for Alaskans, it is also big business. State Fish & Game troopers and federal Fish & Wildlife officers patrol Alaska looking for violators and signs of violations. If you are charged with a federal guiding violation, it will usually be a Lacey Act Violation and it will be tried in federal court.

Defense in Federal Court

If you have a pending federal charge for violating federal hunting laws and the Lacey Act, you need an attorney with federal court experience. The federal prosecutors are better and the cases are investigated more thoroughly than charges in state court. There are also harsher sentencing rules. A federal fish and game violation charge is not your average criminal case.

Trust the experience of Robert M. Herz of the Anchorage Law Offices of Robert Herz, P.C. who has been protecting and defending the rights of Alaskans since 1988.

Understanding Lacey Act Violations

The Lacey Act was enacted in 1900 and has been amended three times since then. It seeks to protect wildlife game, to restrict importation of non-native species, and today includes plants as well as animals. The penalties can be stiff. The maximum penalty is up to five years in prison and fines up to $250,000 for an individual and $500,000 for an organization. A hunting law violation is a serious matter.

At our law office, we have defended professional guides and other individuals charged with hunting law violations such as:

  • Same day airborne violations which prohibit flying and hunting on the same day
  • Aircraft used to spot game and direct hunters to the game
  • Waste of game animals
  • Import/export violations
  • Export of prohibited types of ivory such as walrus or mammoth tusks

Representative case: Our law office defended an artist who found mammoth tusks on federal lands, removed them from the state, carved them into artwork and brought them back to Alaska. We negotiated a plea for a minor penalty and forfeiture of the artwork.

Fish and Game Guiding Violation Defense in Alaska

A Lacey Act violation is not your average criminal case. Trust the experience of criminal defense lawyer Robert M. Herz who has been protecting and defending the rights of Alaskans since 1988. Call our toll-free number 800-817-5107 or send us an e-mail. Your constitutional rights are not just words on paper.

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