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Burglary & Theft

copBurglary Defense in Alaska

Burglary is entering or remaining unlawfully on premises (which can be any building or a residence) with the intent to commit a crime. Burglary, is a felony. It is not necessary that the intended crime of burglary be successful (yield any cash or goods or that the intended crime be accomplished) for it to be charged but the prosecutor must allege the underlying crime the defendant intended to commit during the burglary.

Being charged with a felony is a serious matter. At the Law Offices of Robert Herz, P.C., we have been successful representing clients charged with burglary crimes. Burglary of a residence is Burglary in the first degree and is a Class B felony and burglary of a business or commercial property is Burglary in the second degree and is a Class C felony.

Burglary can often be a case that is tried on circumstantial evidence. We believe we have the best investigator in Alaska. We utilize that investigator's skills to make sure that you get a vigorous criminal defense.

Defense in Federal Court

If your burglary charge involves drugs or weapon charges, you may be charged in federal court on the drug or weapons offense and in state court on the burglary charges. If you are charged in federal court you need an attorney with federal court experience. The prosecutors are better and the cases are more thoroughly investigated by law enforcement. There are also harsher sentencing rules.

A federal drug charge is not your average criminal case. Trust the experience of Robert M. Herz who has been protecting and defending the rights of Alaskans since 1987.

Burglary Defense in Alaska

At the Anchorage Law Offices of Robert Herz, P.C., we offer criminal defense for individuals with serious criminal charges. If you are charged with burglary, robbery or theft, don't delay. Call our toll-free number 800-817-5107 or send us an e-mail. Your constitutional rights are not just words on paper.

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