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Domestic Violence Assault

domesticDefense of Domestic Violence Assault Charges

Alaska has among the highest rate of domestic violence in the country. The reasons can be debated but here are a few of our unique circumstances:

  • Alaska has little daylight during the winter
  • Many Alaskans suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)
  • Alaska has a significant rate of alcohol abuse
  • Alaska has a high rate of unemployment especially in the villages

Economic stress and depression fueled by alcohol consumption is a volatile combination of factors. It may take only a small spark to ignite a major domestic violence eruption. In addition to high domestic violence rates, Alaska is also first in the nation with the highest rate of female homicide victims where a male is charged with the crime.

At the Law Offices of Robert Herz, P.C., we have handled hundreds of defendants charged with domestic abuse and domestic assault. We also represent individuals charged with murder or manslaughter.

Protecting Your Record and Your Rights

According to the Alaska Network on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault, almost 75% of Alaskans have experienced, or know someone who has experienced, domestic violence or sexual assault. Spousal abuse is not an uncommon crime.

Our law firm has handled hundreds of cases and Robert has achieved great success for his clients. How that success is measured depends on the person. Here are a few definitions of success in an assault or domestic violence defense:

  • Charges dismissed; but if not dismissed then. . .
  • No jail time
  • No domestic violence conviction on your record
  • Retain the ability to own and use a firearm

Anchorage Criminal Defense Lawyer for Alaska

At the Law Offices of Robert Herz, P.C., we are dedicated to criminal defense. If you have been charged with assault or domestic violence in state or federal court, don't delay. Call our toll-free number 800-817-5107 or send us an e-mail. Your constitutional rights are not just words on paper.

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