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Drug Charges

Drug Charges & Marijuana Growing

Defending Serious Drug Charges in Alaska

Alaska is one of the few states that has legalized Alaska drug charges defensemarijuana possession, cultivation and sales.  Of course there are laws that regulate all of these activities, so not surprisingly, some people still face prosecution for marijuana misdemeanor and felony charges. Then of course there are other drug charges related to cocaine, meth, heroin and prescription drugs like OxyContin.

If the federal government claims you were trafficking large quantities of drugs across state lines into Alaska, you need an experienced federal criminal defense attorney. Attorney Robert M. Herz was the lead local CJA counsel in the "Dominican Cartel" cocaine case the largest federal drug case in the history of the federal District of Alaska, and represented a lead defendant in the "Raines and Shine" case, the largest marijuana importation case in federal court history in Alaska. Mr. Herz has the experience and expertise to properly defend you and protect your rights in federal court.

Even if the government merely claims you acted as a mule carrying drugs across state lines for someone else, or alleges you were unlawfully growing marijuana, you should contact our law office so that you have an experienced criminal defense attorney on your side. At the Law Offices of Robert Herz, P.C., we have successfully represented hundreds of clients facing misdemeanor or felony drug charges in state and federal court.

Anchorage Criminal Defense Lawyer for Alaska

At the Law Offices of Robert Herz, P.C., we are dedicated to criminal defense. If you have a drug charge in state or federal court, don't delay. Call 907-277-7171 or send us an e-mail. Your constitutional rights are not just words on paper.

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